First are three of a bunch of songs, I’ve written with Jona, my icelandic friend. She did all lyrics, I did all music. I sang with all heart&skill I have. It’s all played simple with guitar, as a layout for the song. Doesn’t have to be a guitar-song, needless to say to a producer. Envisioned genre for those is pop or adult contemporary that goes like: BOOM!, big time! Think of the usual suspects in big hooky-pop songs, Taylor, Katy, Greg Kurstin, Max Martin, Shellback, Dr. Luke


started with a P!NK style thing but evolved into some more sensitive flavor. A vivid feel of a strong young person


is a beatle-esque gem of a last chance lost. Moving, deep, strong like platinum (would you pass this one on to Adele, please??)


relationship bliss and heartfelt sorry. It’s a long way to resolve into the final release but isn’t it amazing!

We got more songs, that are more straight-forward but those three do a good stretch between easy&catchy up to more elaborated paths of songwriting.

It’s strong material and would explode if sung by the right singer…

Client work:


As the songs‘ raw material, I got: chords, melody and words/vocal track and made the rest. Here, I focus on arrangement and parts of instruments. As you hear, I’m able to do some sound engineering in production terms too but need more skill there.

Lebe dein Leben

the songwriter/singer is a secretary in her daily life. She is ambitious in singing but has a way to go. I simplified structure, chords and invented the string intro/outro melody. (Vocal sound too loud, vocal sound itself too hissy-)


this was done for delivering an arrangement that can be played by a 4 piece band+ vocals. So as the band liked to record in studio, a playable version with a good link to the story was needed.

Composition / short movies


for a dance-scene. Airy, full, both

Übers Dach

a short song for the ending credits of a movie. Somehow I think & thought of Paris in the old days


Ice Dance – Small ensemble version

this amazing piece by Danny Elfmann, he wrote it for „Edward Scissorhands“. When I played on this Australian festival, I arranged it for a small group. So I shrinked the orchestral original down to a version that can be played by a small ensemble. There are some intonation things on the recording, it was sight-read mostly. But hm, what a great piece!