statlant eins //europe//

Hey there,

I’m Maik, a German musician, I would like to welcome you on my webpage and introduce you to ’statlant eins‘:

For several years now, I live in a large European city and love the way, how urban flow shapes life. There is density, speed, there is pavements full of people, chasing their thing. They might get to work or enjoy holidays, go for a walk or tought something new to someone. More or less visible, those countless moments make a city come to life.

How about life in the city you live in? Something that inspires you?

Coming home every day and facing todays challenges, there is a certain push in urban life, that inspires me to music. These urban inputs we get each day, just by being outside or watching things – made me compose a musical perspective.

’statlant eins‘ is my collection of Jazz-inspired music that captures a sense of urbanity in a European city. One finds harsh sounds, sensuality or calm episodes. Music taken back or pushed forward.

As you’ve read this far and as a celebration to our different lives, interests and culture in Europe, ’statlant eins‘ is my contribution to metropolitan life.

You might be a citizen of another European city that enjoys the thought of civilization and progress in your own culture. With this in mind, ’statlant eins‘ is my raw sonic approach to share those thoughts with you.


Thoughts, words, hi:

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